Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Twirling Cups

March 26th is a day I will never forget. Just like October 12th,2003. October 12th 2003 is when Josh was born. The delivery was quick and I felt pretty good about how it all had went. Then two nurses came in and said “Are you familiar with downs syndrome?” Little did I know that question would form my life and the focus of my time for the rest of my life. I later learned that October is Downs Syndrome Awareness month.

As we waited for milestones to appear with Josh, as expected they came late, but they came. And we rejoiced with each one. Josh enjoyed most of his activities, and was totally oblivious to his peers. He loved his therapies with his teachers, all one on one, and at some point was progressing except his speech. He didn't sign but only periodically. He loves water, music, wheels, and vacuum cleaners. Josh even hears a piano and runs over to it immediately and wants to play. He hears water running in the bathtub he will climb in with all his clothes. He takes can goods out from the pantry and will line them up in a straight line until there is no space left on the table. I knew as time went on he wasn't an ordinary boy who just had downs syndrome. March 26th 2009, I took Josh in for an evaluation. After explaining to the doctor all the things I just wrote, and after watching Josh in his office, He confirmed that Josh had PDD. I learned yesterday that April is Autism Awareness month.

I asked God what this all means. I believe He chooses our destiny, our time of birth and our death. Just as infinite and detailed as He created the universe. I believe there are no coincidences with God. This was Gods answer to me, while I was watching Josh lay on his side, twirling two plastic cups on the floor.

Both cups were twirling at the same time. One cup was green the other red. The green one was twirling one direction, and the red one was twirling the other direction, and when the cups stopped twirling Josh would specifically choose which cup went which direction. If one cup was slowing down before the other one, Josh would make the other one twirl, while still keeping an eye on the faster one . Two cups, each going a different direction. But the person twirling the cups new exactly when to make them stop, what direction to spin them, and had complete control of how fast or slow the cups were twirling at any given time.

Downs Syndrome-green cup, Autism-red cup. God is in control of Joshie's body and mind at all times. And even though it appears things are spinning in different directions and they are not the same shape or color, I find that God is in control of the twirling cups in Josh.

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